We are so excited that you are choosing to be a part of the International Junior Miss Dynasty and the IJM Class of 2022! This will continue to be a transition year for The iam Pageant Powerhouse as we will be hosting select LIVE state pageants for IJM in 2022. All other states, regions and countries will be appointed.

TWO ways to claim a 2022 IJM Title and compete at Internationals this November:

 Option 1… Compete in a LIVE state pageant. See select states listed below.

  • If you reside in a state listed below that will be hosting a LIVE state pageant, you can go to www.IJMinternationals.com/ApplyNow to apply.
    • Be sure to follow us on social media for all the latest updates and details.www.instagram.com/internationaljuniormiss
    • If you reside in a state that is hosting a LIVE state pageant you must compete at your LIVE state pageant to qualify for internationals.

 Option 2… Claim an appointed state, regional, or country title by completing the form below.

    • These titles are on a first come, first served bases. You must pay the $50 registration fee and the $495 sponsorship fee to officially claim your 2022 IJM title.
    • An official 2022 IJM crown and banner are included with your $495 sponsorship fee.
    • The application will allow you to submit up to three title choices in order of preference. If none of your choices are avaible you will be contacted directly for additional title choices.

List of LIVE State Pageants for 2022:
South Africa
United Kingdom

All remaining states, regions and countries have the opportunity for you to become an IJM titleholder and proceed directly to the international finals! This is your opportunity to compete for the coveted IJM International title and your share of more than $300,000 in cash, prizes, scholarships, and awards in Orlando, FL the week of Thanksgiving at the amazing Hyatt Regency Orlando.

We have learned so much form the past transition year and hosting our first International Event in November of 2021 under The iam Pageant Powerhouse. We have so many new and exciting things planned for 2022 to keep IJM what all of the families know and love while still taking it to the next level. IJM is still and will forever be the Crown of Opportunities. The international royalty will still be awarded with an amazing prize package, including international travel and so much more. There will be so many more opportunities now that IJM is a part of The iam Pageant Powerhouse!

Once you complete the form below IJM will assign you a state/regional/national title based on the choices you submit in the form. Your requested title will be approved on a first come first served basis once the full $495 sponsorship fee is paid in full. The remaining $795 International Package and Sponsorship Fee will be broken down into a separate payment plan.

The form below is to be used for contestants to apply for a 2022 IJM title. Once accepted by the International Office, information will be emailed with details, deadlines and instructions for on the next steps. The $50 registration fee is a non-refundable fee for all 2022 international applications.

We are here to make 2022 the best year EVER! If you have any questions about IJM 2022 prior to completing your application, you can always email the IJM International Office at info@TheiamPowerHouse.com. You can also reach out to our core international team via text to guide you through this year:

LaKishia Edwards, IJM International Director at 832-652-6484

Tiffany Reilly, IJM International Coordinator at 512-517-1186

We look forward to serving you!

Submit your IJM 2022 application, and submit your title choice, by completing this form now: